Dealing with fraudulent online orders

Howard Morrison (Unlicensed)
by Howard Morrison (Unlicensed)
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It is possible to receive a fraudulent online order even when preventative measures are taken, such as using a PCI Compliant Payment Gateway. Every merchant should examine orders from unknown purchasers carefully.  Check for inconsistencies.  If the phone number, bill to, ship to, and email address do not seem to match, get the order verified.  If the product ordered seems suspicious, such as for Christal Champagne, and/or the requested delivery is Overnight or 2nd Day, it's best to verify. Typically your 'gut' will tell you if something is not right.  Below are the steps to take to check if an order is fraudulent and what to do if you determine it is fraudulent.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Verify order:  The only way to verify if an order is valid is to contact the cardholder's bank and have them contact the cardholder.
  2. Cancelling fraudulent order:  If you discover that an order is fraudulent, the best order cancelling practice is to 'Capture' the order, 'Void' the order, and then select 'Cancelled'
  3. Report to Authorities:  Should you discover that an order is fraudulent, contact the Secret Service at:

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