Pick-up at Store: just makes "cents"

Howard Morrison (Unlicensed)
by Howard Morrison (Unlicensed)
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Shopping online, with a "Pick up at Store" option is a growing trend, gaining momentum steadily as consumers search for quickness and efficiency.  In their lives, use of smart phones has produced an explosion of online activity while, ironically, it has dampened enthusiasm for actual telephone calls which are less time efficient.

If you have been holding back on adding a "Pick up at Store" ordering option, now is a great time to reconsider.  While consumers love the ease of online shopping, they will choose to support their favorite local merchants and skip shipping charges whenever possible.  Your website, with a full listing of products and services, will become a popular extension of your brick and mortar store.  It will promote loyalty, letting your customers know that you are an ally in their quest for a quick, smooth shopping experience.

Today, a Payment Gateway takes the risk out of online ordering, both for shipped orders and for "Pick up at Store" orders.  It will make sure that the credit card has sufficient funds and has not been reported stolen.  It then delivers a pre-authorized order to the website, which can be reviewed and modified as required, before the credit card is actually charged.  Payment may be made in advance or when the customer picks up the order.

A professional, industry specific website will provide search and navigation features that make selecting products a breeze.  Your customers will enter your store to pick up their order, providing the possibility of extra in-store sales.  "Pick up at Store" makes "cents", resulting in sales generated online as well as increased traffic in your store.

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