Product Details Increase Sales, Transactions and Page Views

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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Wine merchants face a unique set of challenges due to the ever changing inventory they present online.  Faced with many options such as number of products to list and how much info to add per product, they, understandably become perplexed, seeking advice, answers, and solutions.  QUESTIONS: Is it worth the time it takes to provide completed info on products?  Can't I pick and choose which products get complete and which get minimal information?  ANSWER:  You are better off not listing products with minimal information.

Recent studies show that with full, robust information on every product, you can expect as much as a 33% increase in online revenue.  Transactions will rise by an average of 30% and page views by 42%.  Full, fresh, consistent info is crucial to please online Shoppers as well as search engines.  With competition growing, each wines and spirits merchant must face nonstop scrutiny to secure a favorable place in the pecking order.

There are no shortcuts to presenting full, fresh info since details change with each new vintage and over 100,000 new products flood the market each year.  QUESTION: How much info is needed to maximize sales?  ANSWER: For wine products, the info necessary includes: title, brand, vintage, image, description, tasting notes, critic reviews & scores, alcohol %, attributes, size, pack, container, major category (Red Wine, White Wine), country, region, appellation, and varietal.

Below are examples of products with complete available details.

When it comes to your website and presenting products for your customers to view, the old idiom applies: 'The Devil is in the Details'.  Consumers and search engines are counting on you to get it right.  When you do, you are handsomely rewarded with increased sales, page views, and transactions.  As well, you are saved from unnecessary phone calls, interruptions, and questions, enabling you spend more of your time marketing to your customers.


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