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Elegant templates backed by our full-featured web platform. Greatness out of the box.

Inspired Design

The design of the Bottlenose eCommerce website was built from the ground up to provide a premium online shopping experience.


Our eCommerce websites give you the look and feel you see in the giants of industry: clean, focused and, most importantly, easy-to-use.

100% Responsive.

Bottlenose eCommerce websites scale to fit every device. The shopping experience looks perfect, no matter the screen size.

Just add a logo.

eCommerce websites smoothly integrate your branding into the template. Provide your logo and we'll give you a website to match it perfectly.

Feature Complete

An eCommerce website includes every feature and tool we develop, for now and in the future.

Shopping Cart

With a simple interface, guest checkout, and a host of configurable fulfillment and discounting options, our secure shopping cart is the best in the industry.


We build in a calendar, a blogging system, a front page slideshow and Product Sliders, so there's not shortage of ways to make your website your own.


Email Marketing is built-in and your social media outlets are included on every page, so it's easy to engage your customers using every avenue available.

Easy Admin

We make it easy to process your orders and transactions without leaving the Admin Area. Get paid, edit orders and print shipping labels: all with a click.

...and much, much more.

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Compare our Products

Basic eCommerce Custom
Fully Responsive Design
Tuned SEO
Enhanced Content Management
Built-in Email Marketing
Shopping Cart
Developers On-Demand
Custom Design
Products Included 500 0 0
Premium Products Included 100 500 1,000
Email Subscribers Included 100 500 1,000
One-Time Setup $495 $995
Monthly Price $99 $325 $450

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