What's New with Bottlenose Release 2.10

Christie Johnston (Unlicensed)
by Christie Johnston (Unlicensed)
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Consumer Website

  • ADDED - As a consumer, choose a specific day and time for my local deliveries.

  • ADDED - Case Pricing button will appear on eligible products.

  • ADDED - As a consumer, have to ability add tipping to curbside and In-Store pickup orders

  • ADDED - As a consumer, receive an abandon cart email notification and be directed to your shopping cart to complete order.

Admin Interface

  • ADDED - Ability for merchant to use case pricing field to display a case price on product page for consumer.

  • ADDED - Merchant can configure delivery windows for local delivery in shipping configuration.

  • ADDED - Merchant can add tipping option to Local Delivery and / or Curbside and In-Store Pick-Up.

  • ADDED - Merchant can select to send abandon cart email notifications in preferences


  • Efficiency of CloudSearch Synchronization so that a merchants site search more accurately reflects their product current offerings.

  • Set the user ID in the shopping cart table.

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