Bottlenose 2.2 Released

William Carr
by William Carr
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What's New

  • Products may be designated as future/pre-arrival
  • Google Tag Manager Support
  • Delete and edit critic reviews
  • USPS Shipping service for paper goods
  • Buy a case button
  • Move buy button above fold for mobile devices
  • Prompt consumers to subscribe to email list on receipt screen
  • Promotion Engine administration enhancements
    • Drag to change sort order
    • Inactive/active toggle
    • Create key triggered promotions (
    • Attach promotion to E-mail subscribe
    • Record promotion_id with order
    • Designate discount promotions to be applied to individual products or order subtotal
  • Enhance asset system to facilitate customization. This allows per store custom e-mails for order receipts and order notification emails.
  • Allow size 'N/A' in product admin
  • Pass tax_code to POS Order posting
  • Introduce brand_background_color giving eCommerce customers more control over their email layout

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix broken link in Promotion Engine admin area
  • Always record benefit for Discount/Free Shipping promotions
  • Resolve several character encoding issues with E-mail Campaigns
  • Ascertain first name and last name correctly for posting orders to VisionLink
  • Use merchant's time zone when scheduling Email Campaigns
  • Do not throw server error when a product is not found when adding product to an email campaign
  • Fix bug where email campaign links were not rendered correctly on subsequent editing sessions to an email campaign

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