What's New in Bottlenose 2.3

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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Bottlenose has just released version 2.3 of our platform, which brings new features, improvements and fixes.

For Customers

Improved Visibility of Promotions

Customers who trigger a Promotion will now see the Promotion name listed with the order total in their cart, during checkout, and on their receipt. Also, if a Promotion has discounted a Product, the customer will see the original price of the Product and their savings in their cart.

Pre-Arrivals & Futures

Products with these attributes now offer an explanation to customers. Customize this copy in the Assets section of your Admin Area.

Improved Mobile Product Pages

The layout of Product Detail pages have been improved for mobile devices.

Add to Cart Quantities

Customers can now immediately adjust the quantity of a Product they have added to their Shopping cart without having to visit the cart page.

For Merchants


You will now see dismissible notifications from your Admin Dashboard. Learn about new features and updates right away.


We have implemented many features to improve how you interact with your Products.

View Products by Bottlenose vs Self-Managed

You can now view a lists of Products by clicking on the pie chart on your Products Dashboard. View lists of Products you're managing yourself, or those we're managing for you.

Product Category Requirement

Due to its importance to so many systems (case-discounting, shipping states, etc.), a category is now required for every Product available online. To go along with this, you can now quickly see which of your Products are missing a category and add one easily. Look for the "Unclassified Products Box" on your Products Dashboard

Recently Managed Products

You can now view a recap of recent Product Management performed by Bottlenose staff.

Product Alerts

If Bottlenose is unable to identify a Product you've provided to us to manage, we will let you know. View pending Alerts from your Products dashboard in the "Product Alerts" box.

Shipping Configuration

Ship-To States

You can now configure what Product categories will Ship where. Just navigate to your Shipping Configuration screen and click on the map.

Promotion Engine

Promotion Summaries

You can now view an at-a-glance summary of your Promotions from the Promotion list.

Improved UI

We have improved the User Interface for the Promotion Engine, add clear descriptions of how each trigger and benefit works.

Start & End Dates

You can now set start and/or end date triggers for your Promotions. When set, Promotions will only be triggered during that time period.

Email Marketing

View Customer Subscription Status

You can now view whether or not a Customer has opted-in from their Customer page in your Admin Area.

Download Subscriber List

You can now download a CSV of your subscribers from the Email Marketing Dashboard. Look for the button in the upper right.

View Past Campaigns

You can now view a copy of any past campaign. Choose "View Email" from the Actions dropdown.

Order Processing

Refunds and Credits

You can now Credit your customers' cards right from your Admin Area. If a captured Order is not eligible to void, or you need to give a partial refund, you can now do this right from the Admin Area. Look for the "Credit" button in the Transaction Status section for any captured Order.

Filter and Search your Orders

You can now filter your orders by Status, Transaction Status and Shipping Service. You can also search by name, number and tracking #. This allows you to easily find the orders you need to work with.


  • Fixed an issue where a shipping estimate would appear for a Pick Up Order during checkout.
  • Fixed an issue where merchant's color scheme was not being correctly applied to email layout.
  • Fixed an issue where products were not synced to our search server after upload.
  • Fixed an issue where cart quantities were not updated if the customer hit enter when focused on a quantity selector.

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