What's New In Bottlenose 2.5

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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What's New

Merchant Admin Portal

Bottle Count Promotion Trigger

You can now craft Promotions using a Bottle Count trigger, which will trigger the Promotion only when consumers have a certain quantity of Products in their cart.


You can now include deposit amounts on your Products, which will shown separately from the price, but will be included in the order total as a separate line item.

Shelf Talkers

You can now create Shelf Talkers for any Product on your website. You can choose to include the Product description, critic reviews, or enter a custom message. Look for the Shelf Talker link in the upper right corner of your Admin > Edit Product page.

Gift Packing Slip

We have added a gift packing slip, which does not show any pricing or cost info. You can include this in gift shipments. Look for it on your Admin > Order Detail screen.

Product Alerts

You can now view and respond to questions from Bottlenose Product Specialists. If you have any outstanding Alerts, they will be displayed on your Admin > Products dashboard.

Buy Buttons for Email Products

Products inserted into your Email Campaigns now include a Buy button as a further call to action.

Service Desk Interface

You can now interface with Bottlenose Support directly from your Admin Area. View open issues and create new ones if you have a question. Look for this under Admin > Support > Service Desk.

Original Price Shown for Orders

When viewing an order in your Admin Area, you will now see the original price of Products that were on sale or discounted by a Promotion.

Promotion Shown with Order

If an Order triggered a Promotion, you will now be notified of this when viewing the Order in your Admin Area.

Consumer Website

Slide Captions

Slide captions are now large headlines, in the style of our default slides. This makes it easier to create a standout slide for your home page without having to add text with external image software.

Event Improvements

Events in your calendar now include the location of the event, and have been further optimized to look great on mobile device.

Original Price Shown for Orders

Consumer will now see the original price of Products during checkout, on their receipts and in their order history.


  • Product's SKU is now visible on Admin > Edit Product.
  • Duplicate Products no longer appear in Admin Quick Search when searching by SKU.
  • Pasting into the editor compatibility is improved for certain browsers.
  • Promotions that have been triggered by at least one Order can no longer be deleted.
  • The category selector on Admin > Edit Product is now sorted properly.
  • The Email Campaign editor now better mirrors how Campaigns will look when delivered.
  • We have optimized images in various places on the site, decreasing the amount of time it takes to load a page.
  • During checkout, a state is no longer required for international Billing Addresses.
  • Fixed a layout issue with the Mini Calendar.
  • Fixed a layout issue with the "Create Customer" button.
  • Fixed a layout issue on the Product Detail page which affected certain tablets when browsing in portrait orientation.
  • Improved the display of addresses in the footer for sites with multiple locations.
  • Improved caching practices to improve availability.
  • Fixed an issue causing Email Campaign tests not to be delivered.
  • Fixed a caching issue causing the home page to show stale content after updating a Product Group.
  • Fixed an issue causing the "Promotion" flag to not display in the cart without a cart refresh.
  • Fixed an issue causing deleted Product Groups to reappear.
  • Various improvements to reduce database access, improving availability and response time.

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