Best Practices: Guest Checkout

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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Why do I want Guest Checkout?

Some retailers may question why their website should offer a Guest Checkout feature in addition to the traditional Account creation. Simply stated, you will have a higher conversion rate and make more sales with your website by offering Guest Checkout.

Research studies show...

Research studies reveal that over 20% of the time cart abandonment is due to lack of a Guest Checkout option being offered. Formisimo quotes 23% and B1 Intelligence quotes 28%. This group of potential customers does not want to create an account. They simply want to get in and get out as quickly as possible. They do not care about having their order history.  They do not want to create and recall a password.  They do not want to receive another promotional email.

Best Practices Recommendation:  Every e-commerce website should have a Guest Checkout option.

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