Email Marketing Campaigns - 3 Must Haves

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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If you are a retailer who is about to create an Email Marketing campaign, you should review our three "must haves" before sending to your subscribers.

1. Make sure your website and email campaigns are mobile optimized

As an average, Bottlenose reports that 29.6% of all online sessions and 18% of all online sales for wine & spirits retailers come from customers using a mobile device. The Apple iPhone represents 47.28% of the total mobile sales. These numbers signify the importance of mobile. It continues to grow. Your customers expect to be able to easily view and purchase a product from any mobile device.

2. Be sure to provide complete details

Before you fire off your campaign, check it for all logical questions your customers have - where, what, how much, what are the parameters. If you are announcing a Tasting, be sure to include details such as:  location, what is being tasted, what does it cost, how long will the tasting last.

If you are promoting products, be sure to include pertinent information such as an image, description, any critic review ratings and cost. 

3. Enable your customer to act on your campaign

All too often overlooked is providing your customer with a link to take action on your campaign. For Tastings, be sure the customer sees a link where they can contact you to make reservations or ask you questions. For product promotions, be sure to include a Buy Button that redirects to the website to complete the purchase or provide a ‘Contact Us’ link.

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