What's New in Bottlenose 2.6

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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Bottlenose 2.6 has been released and comes with a host of new features and improvements.

Email Marketing

Platform Overhaul

Bottlenose has completely replaced the underlying system driving our Email Marketing platform, which results in a faster, more responsive experience. All screens related to Email Campaign management load significantly more quickly, without the loss of any functionality. This change was made to improve performance and lay the groundwork for more features in the future.

Choose Campaign Sender

You can now choose the email address to send your Campaigns from. Look for the dropdown under the Campaign name on the Edit Campaign.

Merchant Admin Portal

Set Product Varietals

You can now set the varietals for your Products.

Revert Overridden Information

When you override information provided by Bottlenose Product Management, that information will show a "revert" link, allowing you to revert the information back to ours.

Search Orders by Email Address

You can now search Orders by email address from the Orders dashboard.

Improved Lists

The Order and Customer Dashboards now feature an improved listing interface, allow you to sort and filter the results.

Promotion Engine

We have added a Category Trigger to our Promotion Engine, allowing you target a specific category of Products for discounting.

We have also added the ability to assign a Landing Page for a URL-based Promotion, allowing you to redirect consumers triggering the Promotion to any page on your site.

Create your own Assets

You can now create your own Assets. Look for the "New Asset" button in the upper right corner of Admin > Content > Assets.

Add Links to the Navbar

Basic & eCommerce website customers can now add their own links to the Navbar under Admin > Configuration > Links. Custom website customers wishing to control links in some area of their site should raise an issue in our Service Desk.

Use Golden State Online as Shipping Carrier

You can now use Golden State Online rates on your Bottlenose website. GSO is a carrier on the Pacific coast. This requires an account and credentials provided by GSO. If you wish to have GSO enabled as a carrier, contact us via Service Desk.

Rich Text in Shelf Talkers

You can now use rich-text (bold, italic, etc.) when creating a shelf talker for a Product.

Consumer Website

Slideshow Layout Improvement

We have improved the mobile layout of our Slideshow. In the mobile view, it is now larger and fills the entire width of the screen.

Blog Link in Navbar

If you're using the Blog feature on your website (which you should be!), consumers will now see a link to it in the navbar.

Calendar Link in Mobile View

The mobile layout now includes a link to your upcoming Events.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that caused subscription and age verification to display an incorrectly sized logo.
  • Suppressed option to select a description for a Shelf Talker when the subject Product did not have one available.
  • Correctly reformat prices containing a comma or a dollar sign during Inventory Import.
  • Fixed a validation bug which allowed consumers to use unsupported credit card types.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented Shop menus from displaying up-to-date recommendations.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented merchants from editing consumer phone numbers.
  • Product Group results pages now respect the merchant's sort order, as defined in their Admin Area.

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