Local Delivery and In Store Pickup - Keys to Holiday Success

Larry Kilroy (Unlicensed)
by Larry Kilroy (Unlicensed)
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Industry sales data suggests wine and spirit shops should have an eCommerce presence even if they do not ship. This is especially true during the holidays. Parties and social gatherings are at their peak. Shoppers are pressured for last minute gifts. Having an online store plan to accommodate Pickup at Store and Local Delivery orders should be part of your holiday preparation. Today we will look at some best practices to follow in order to make your online Pickup at Store and Local Delivery sales a success this year.

Best Practices For In-Store Pickup

Before the order

  • Choose an eCommerce platform that has a shopping cart, enabling customers to order online to Pickup at Store or receive Local Delivery.

  • Be sure your online store clearly states that Pickup at Store and Local Delivery are options by highlighting them in your shopping cart.

  • Consider offering an incentive to promote the placement of Pickup at Store and Local Delivery orders online, saving you, the merchant, the time it takes to manually create these orders in-store.

  • Be clear on your website product pages which products are available for Pickup at Store and Local Delivery.

After the order

  • Include an ETA with the receipt, estimating when the order will be ready for pickup.

  • Consider notifying the customer by email, phone or text message when their order is ready.

  • Provide a clear map and location details, such as store hours, on your eCommerce site.

  • Give clear instructions about the process for picking up orders on your receipt, including what identification is needed to complete the pick up.

In the store

  • Staff should be trained and ready to process in-store pickup orders in an efficient and timely manor.

  • Consider creating an Online Order Pickup area in your store, with signage indicating where it is located. Even better, make the pickup area in the front of your store.

  • Allow online shoppers to skip the line at the register and have a staff member ready to offer customer support for them.

  • Parking space permitting, dedicate a space or two for 15 minute in-store or curbside pickup of orders.

Help your local customers enjoy the holiday season by offering online ordering for Pickup at Store and Local Delivery as part of your eCommerce plan.

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