What's New In Bottlenose 2.7

Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
by Evan Brown (Unlicensed)
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Bottlenose 2.7 is live and includes many new features and improvements.

Consumer Website

Slideshow Improvements

  • Homepage slideshows now expand to the full width of the device and are smart-cropped to fit the ideal aspect ratio. 
  • Slideshows can now be navigated by swipe on touch-enabled displays.

Calendar Improvements

  • The layout of Events in the Calendar have been adjusted to be more readable and provide navigation to view other events.
  • If no upcoming events are available, the Calendar will display recent events.

Improved "No Results" page

Customers whose search returns no results will now see suggestions for a more effective search, along with featured Product Sliders.

Improved Product Sliders

If a Product Slider does not have enough Products to fill the space allotted, the Products available will expand to fill that space.

Email Marketing Preferences

Bottlenose has created 2 default mailing lists for all merchants: "Deals and Offers" and "Tastings & Events". Custom website merchants may request additional lists. By default, all new subscribers are subscribed to all lists, but can adjust these preferences in their "Your Account" screen. Also, subscribers will be prompted to adjust their preferences on the Unsubscribe screen, instead of unsubscribing altogether. More on these preferences below in the "Admin Interface" section.

SEO and Social Media

  • We have enhanced the OpenGraph data that we provide, resulting in a more attractive appearance of content shared with Facebook and more.
  • We have added more structured data to Google's specification for increased search-engine friendliness.
  • We have added canonical URLs to eliminate fragmentation of hits on duplicate content to help ensure higher overall page rankings.
  • We have added more descriptive page titles for many page types throughout our platform.

Admin Interface

Admin Navbar for Consumer Side

Merchants viewing their consumer website while logged in as an Admin will see an Admin Navbar at the top of all pages. This navbar is context sensitive the content on the page and will allow the merchant to manage Products, Groups, Events, Blog Posts, and more with a single click, along with the ability to quickly jump into their Admin Area.

Inventory Management

  • Merchants can now upload Excel spreadsheets (.xls and .xlsx files), in addition to CSV files.
  • Merchants are now able to view the amount of Product additions, updates and removals that will occur as the result of an inventory file upload.
  • Merchants will now receive a warning if an inventory upload is malformed, and the upload will remove all product from their site.
  • Merchants will now receive a warning if their inventory has not been updated in 7 days or more, and are prompted to upload a file.

Tax Exempt Products

Any Product may now be exempted from tax in the Attributes section of the Admin > Edit Product screen.

Email Marketing

  • Merchants may now choose which a mailing list to send their Email Campaign. All current subscribers have been subscriber to both "Deals and Offers" and "Tastings & Events". We encourage you to choose the appropriate list when composing your campaign, to respect your subscribers' preferences and increase clickthroughs and subscriber retention.
  • Merchants can now view and manage subscribers under Admin > Email Marketing, in the Subscribers section.
  • Merchants can now see their eLetterhead when composing an email campaign.


Merchants may now choose the address that Order and Info notifications are sent to under Admin > Configuration > Notifications. They may also choose to include any User in receiving these notifications under Admin > Users.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fixed a bug that caused subscriber lists to display in-browser instead of downloading in Safari when the "Download Subscribers" button is clicked.
  • Fixed a bug allowing consumers to subscribe with an invalid email address.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Age Verification pop-up to display more than once per session in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that caused improper parsing of links containing an accented character.

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