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Our Admin Area has powerful features you need and an intuitive interface to get you back to work.

Control Your Products

You know the products your customers want to buy.
We make it easy for you to put those products where your customers will see them.

Group Products

Creating and managing groups of products with Bottlenose is super easy. Type a few characters to look them up, then click and drag to arrange. It takes less than a minute and puts eyes on the products you want customers to buy.

Import Inventory

There's nothing worse than missing a sale because your website inventory isn't accurate. In our Admin Area, you can update all your inventory at once, as often as you like. Just export a file from your POS, then drag and drop it into the website.

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Control Your Orders

With Bottlenose, you can do everything you need to do without leaving your Order Dashboard.

Make Changes

You can edit any order after it has been placed. Add or remove products. Change quantities. Adjust shipping. Just because it slipped your customer's mind, doesn't mean it slipped ours.

Print Shipping Labels

Bottlenose integrates directly with FedEx and UPS to generate shipping labels right from our Admin Area. It only takes a click and a few seconds to get your labels, and you can print them right away.

Simple Processing

All of the gateway functionality is baked into our interface, so there's no futzing around with the payment gateway. Capture funds with a click, or process the unfortunate void the same way.

Control Your Content

Our Admin Area makes it easy to personalize your website and keep your customers plugged in to your store.

Show off your Slides

The Bottlenose Slideshow puts your content front and center, literally. Drag and drop images, then add links and captions. Draw your customers in with eye-grabbing content.

Become a Blogger

Every Bottlenose website includes a built-in blog. Whether it's the occasional one-off post or a daily dose of content, you can tell your customers who you are and why they should drink what you're selling.

Check the Calendar

Spend a few minutes in your Bottlenose Admin Area and you can keep your customers up to date on all your in-store happenings and online specials. Our simple web editor makes it easy to schedule anything.

Designed to Work

The Bottlenose Admin Area is designed from the ground up to give you the control you need without wrestling with the interface. Screens are clutter free and easy to use. A click here, a drag there and you can get back to what you really want to be doing.

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